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Summary of the FHA 2018

The Asian market has its own specificities that must be respected. Any business relationship here is based largely on relationships and personal contact. Creating initial trust in a brand is not easy at first. However, if you manage to do so, these territories have great potential. As we say “To see and be seen” is twice as important in the Asian market. That is why RM Gastro again took part in the Singapore FHA exhibition held last week for 4 days.

At the RM Gastro booth, with a total exhibition area of ??72 m2, a number of RM and REDFOX products were exhibited. Visitors could see the complete RM 700 line including the REDFOX 600 and 900 bridge, as well as selected snack equipment. Expectations from the show were great because it is a large-scale event for all the surrounding markets. Visitors and potential customers came from even areas as far as northern China or India. "Compared to the previous year, we had less knowledge of the incoming visitors, because the entire exhibition, including food and bakery exhibits, was held at the same exhibition grounds. However, I have to say that just those who came had almost always proven to have a real interest in our products. Overall, we have had a lot more quality contacts, contracts and prospective customers than last time, "Radek Bartoš, Manager of International Trade, evaluates the attendance and benefits of potential customers.

There have been many meetings and meetings which, for RM Gastro, are an opportunity to take part in interesting projects, such as the project on Phuket Island in Thailand, the kitchen of a large hotel in the Maldives, or a restaurant in Hanoi, Vietnam. "We are now able to identify that the countless representatives of local companies and consultants from surrounding territories that visited us were excited about the quality of products, particularly the RM brand, "says Radek Bartoš.

Information summarizing this year's FHA exhibition:

Dates: April 24 - 27, 2018

Total exhibition area: 119,500 m2

Total number of visitors: 78,000 from more than 100 countries / regions

Total number of exhibitors: 4,000 out of more than 70 countries / regions

Total number of pavilions: 71