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RM Gastro new logo

To celebrate its twenty years of successful service, RM Gastro has changed its logo. The RM and the REDFOX logo now have a modern look. The aim of these changes is to improve the legibility and easy identification of both product lines and at the same time reflect on the significant shift in the quality and value for money of the products and services provided under these brands.

RM Gastro’s original logo dates back to the 1990’s when the stylised name of the firm was placed inside a green frame and accentuated by a gas burner or chef’s hat.Now, together with the change to the entire visual appearance, the RM Gastro Group also leads to its change. The word GASTRO has disappeared and the subtle graphic changes make the logo much more legible.

“Under the RM brand, we provide our customers with top-quality products and solutions for hotels, restaurants, pizzerias and other large professional kitchens,” says Jan Richter, founder and co-owner of RM Gastro. He adds, “The RM brand will continue to offer innovative technology, superior design as well as state-of-the-art quality and reliability. This can be found in the wide range of our product portfolio.”

The change will also affect the REDFOX brand that our customers on the local market have come to know for its high quality products used in smaller restaurants, fast food establishments and other smaller catering facilities. Recently, the REDFOX line has become synonymous to products that combine high quality with highly practical and efficient solutions at an attractive price.

“The change does not affect only the logos of both of our product series. We will eventually introduce a new design of our professional kitchen equipment in our factory in VeselínadLužnicí that produces more than 50,000 units annually. What’s more, we will bring new more ergonometric controls,” says LadislavMrkvička, founder and co-owner of the firm and director of the RM Gastro Czech Republic production facilities. He adds, “I believe that our international customers will appreciate the clear profile of both of our lines. This fall, we will introduce our REDFOX line at international markets, to the best selection and the newest products from our production lines.”