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REDFOX international launch

RM Gastro is proud to announce the launch of its new REDFOX line on the international market. In its latest catalogue, REDFOX introduces its 600 and 900 lines, small countertop equipment and smaller pizza ovens. The RM line will continue to represent larger pizza ovens and the 700 line has now expanded to include new stove modules. RM Gastro has manages to top the profiling of its own product series that was launched a few years ago on the domestic market. The REDFOX line will present practical, functional and reliable products. The RM brand will focus on extraordinary, premium and innovative solutions. 

This year, RM Gastro celebrates twenty years since it first appeared on the market. Since the 1990's, the company has produced fryers, countertop pizza ovens as well as smaller lines. Quality, product reliability, affordable prices and a professional approach have always been a high priority to the company. Not to mention customer satisfaction. "We have gradually shown our customers that we know how to develop and manufacture products not only for the upper middle class, but also top of the line products for even the most demanding clients. Our 700 line is proof of that," states Ladislav Mrkvička, co-owner and director of the RM Gastro production line. "For this reason, we have decided to divide our product portfolio into two series: the REDFOX and RM Premium lines."

The company will continue to offer high utility value to its clients and guarantee traditionally exceptional function, durability, and European quality - all at an affordable price - with its REDFOX line of practical and reliable products. 

The RM line will offer clients with the latest technology, innovative features, and perfect ergonometric design. Of course, in addition to exceptional resistance and durability that large catering facilities and demanding customers require.