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New line REDFOX 700

Introducing a practical solution for your professional kitchen. The cooking line REDFOX 700 which you can find in our new catalogue RM Gastro 2020!

The line is a technologically advanced and professional solution that fully meets the requirements for technical and functional parameters and user comfort. The customer gets powerful technology without having to incur enormous costs. The REDFOX 700 is the ideal solution for hotels and restaurant restaurants, bars and bistros, small cafes and self-service restaurants with a daily capacity up to 300 meals per day.

Top of the REDFOX 700 sub-modules are designed and manufactured from AISI 304 with a thickness of 1.2 mm. New components and technologies, including powerful burners that make cooking more efficient, have been used to develop the REDFOX 700 line. Units are certified with IPX4, especially due to the control knob and switches protection.

The modular system, which offers 400, 800 or 1200mm sub-modules, is a versatile solution that allows you to build a line according to your own requirements and capacities. The connection of the modules to the integral cooking line is possible thanks to stainless steel lamella, which ensures perfect sealing and compliance with hygienic standards. For easy installation, all connecting elements are located on the back of the modules. The REDFOX 700 line can be placed not only in the row along the wall but also in the central block. In the case of a central block, it is possible to combine with the REDFOX 900 line.


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