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Kitchen Show in Israel

Meetings at events held by our business partners have always been a true experience, good source of information and, last but not least, about good food.


Kiroskay, an Israeli company, holds an annual culinary event called Kitchen Show, where it presents its suppliers’ technology to both business partners and end-customers. Maintaining dialogue between the product users and their producers is always mutually beneficial. Being a producer, we have the opportunity to hear the wishes and requirements of the market and, in return, are able to clarify the customer’s questions. Therefore, this is one the reasons why we are glad to take part in meetings such as this one. The key is to get to know new partners and markets as well as to build long-term relationships.

The visitors who attended the Kitchen Show are not only experts in technology but also famous chefs and representatives of companies connected with various fields in gastronomy. We met a number of significant figures such as the CEO of Sodexo for Israel or representatives of Rational, Taylor and Pizza Master. The event was even visited by members of the Israeli police and army forces. And it wouldn’t be a three-day culinary event without serving food. The organisers and chefs prepared a wide range of refreshments, meals and drinks.

We are honoured to have been invited and look forward to the next years in which we hope to take part in.