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Exhibition in Ukraine 02.10.2019

In September we participated in the largest regional exhibition in Lviv, Western Ukraine. As usual with foreign exhibitions, RM Gastro was represented by our Head of International Sales, Sanjin Bećirbašić. This exhibition was organized by our business partner S-Prof. At the exhibition in Lviv we put our line RM 700 and KDA grill on display. Presentation of KDA grill, which by the way aroused great interest, was made by our Polish colleague and chef Krzysztof Gawlik. In addition, there was a competition of young chefs, but it was under the flag of Rational. Another possibility of extending cooperation will be the completion of the RF 900 line and the introduction of new products on this line. In addition, this exhibition is important in that there are various training courses on cooking, as well as on the functioning of the Horeca business itself.