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Rudolf Heinz-Richter established his puppet company in 1892. Thirty years later, Ladislav Mrkvička began cobbling shoes in Kralupy nad Vltavou. Both of these entrepreneurs' companies were successful, but their development ended during the intervention of the Communist regime. This tradition, however, has since been revived. In 1994, the descendants of both entrepreneurial families, Jan Richter and Ladislav Mrkvička joined forces to establish RM Gastro. A puppeteer's passion for details and a shoemaker's awareness of his skills came together to give rise to the exceptional products that have helped modernise Czech gastronomy.

Customers showed their appreciation. In 1998, thanks to their good graces, RM Gastro opened new production facilities in Veselí nad Lužnici. One year later, they opened their first branch in Slovakia and six years later in Poland. The year 2017 was significant for RM Gastro. The production plant in Veseli nad Luznici underwent extensive reconstruction, including the extension of the production area.

Even today, the dream of the company's founders has grown to employ 280 people, with an annual turnover of 1 billion CZK, and with thousands of satisfied customers from more than 50 countries around the world.



Jan Richter and Ladislav Mrkvička establish RM Gastro in the Žižkov district of Prague



RM Gastro launches retail and wholesale fryers as well as other countertop equipment



RM Gastro expands its selection of professional kitchens, steam baths and dishwashing equipment



RM Gastro moves to a new location and begins exporting to Slovakia



RM Gastro launches its production activities in the South Bohemian town of Veselí nad Lužnicí and its first fryer from its own production line enters the market



RM Gastro opens its first branch in Slovakia



RM Gastro employs 25 co-workers



RM Gastro opens a showroom in Horní Počernice, Prague and NOWA-2001 is established in Poland



RM Gastro produces its 5000th fryer



RM Gastro participates in the prestigious HOST Exhibition in Milano for the first time, and the company’s activities begin on the Polish market



RM Gastro introduce its own RM Lotus Line on the market, in cooperation with the Italian based Lotus



RM Gastro joins forces with NOWA 2001 to open a branch in Poland, at the same time modernising the production in Veselí nad Lužnicí



RM Gastro launches the new production site in Veselí nad Lužnicí



RM Gastro opens a new logistics centre in Prague



RM Gastro begins export activities to Scandinavia



RM Gastro receives the prestigious Polish award - "Gazelebiznesu" – for the highest development of a business



RM Gastro launches its export activities outside of Europe and sells its products to Australia and Africa



RM Gastro produces its 50 000th fryer in Veselí nad Lužnicí and introduces its own 900 series



RM Gastro ships 5 000 stoves of its 600 series



RM Gastro opens a new showroom and distribution centre in Poland



RM Gastro reaches a turnover of 800 million CZK (30 million EUR), employs 230 employees and sells its products in 53 countries around the world



RM Gastro already participates in the Italian HOST Exhibition in Milano for the seventh time


  RM Gastro reaches a turnover of 1 billion CZK (37 million EUR), employs almost 300 empolyees and sells its products in 57 countries of the world


  RM Gastro extends the production area of its factory in Veseli nad Luznici to twice, at 7 700 m2. In the same year, RM Gastro has received an award for creation and production of professional catering equipment from the French-Czech Chamber of Commerce in the category "Success of the Czech SMEs in France"


   Factory of RM Gastro produces a fryer with serial number of 145 000


   Reliable partner and supplier of professional gastronomic equipment for 25 years