Help with putting together menus

Whether you're opening your first kitchen or buying more equipment for an established operation, we'll be happy to help you create your new menu. The new equipment offers a wide range of new options and it would be a shame not to take advantage of them.

Controlling new technology

Together with the catering advisor you will get to know the products in detail and learn how to use them. They will introduce you to the various features and how they are used. Practical demonstrations will show you specific settings for different ways of preparing meals.

Proper maintenance

Don't forget to treat your equipment properly. We'll advise you on how to look after it properly so that it lasts for as long as possible. The catering advisor will go over how to clean the equipment as well as regular maintenance.

Staff training

A professional chef with extensive experience in many types of catering operations will train your staff in how to use the newly installed RM and REDFOX technologies. No more fear of the unknown. Take advantage of our designer's services from the very start, to turn your dream of a perfect kitchen into a reality. We’ll help you with the creation of a catering project in accordance with the current legislation, from the study of the entire establishment including the technologies to be used in the catering operation through to the equipment inventory, including the implementation project for the building permit.

Estimated and recommended scope for the selected technology:

Combi oven4 hours
Shock cooler2 hours
Line - pan2 hours
Line - boiler2 hours
Line - stove, oven1 hour
Dishwasher1-2 hours (depending on model)

This service is free for RM products.

For REDFOX products, the price is as follows:
Working hour 1,000 CZK
Transport to the site 10 CZK/km

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