Choose your ideal brand of gastro equipment

At RM GASTRO, we produce and sell professional products of the two brands RM and REDFOX. Our kitchen equipment is relied on by chefs in all types of kitchen operations, from fast food to pizzerias, bars, cafes, pastry shops, restaurants, hotels, company and school canteens, up to food factories. Each kitchen from RM GASTRO is unique, but our passion for detail and emphasis on quality unites them. We are excited to bring our customers cutting-edge technology, turnkey solutions and the first-class care that a professional kitchen design requires. We rely on extensive experience gained during almost 30 years of activity on the market, we have our own development and production facilities and capable and experienced employees. A balanced partnership with suppliers, business partners and customers is a priority for us. Only thanks to this we can offer first-class kitchen technologies, precise processing, quality materials and unrivaled service.