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The RM Gastro technologies support the Czech restaurant at the EXPO 2015 Exhibition in Milan 05.05.2015

The Czech company RM Gastro, a recognised manufacturer and supplier of professional kitchen equipment, became the official technology supplier for the Czech restaurant at the EXPO 2015 Exhibition. RM Gastro will equip the Czech Pavilion with cooking centres, equipment for cooling and serving food and dishwashing technologies. The top-of-the-range RM Gastro products will enhance the professional skills of Czech chefs. The visitors of the Czech Pavilion can enjoy the Czech cuisine at its best.

The RM Gastro technologies will form the technical base of all the restaurants located in the Czech Pavilion at the EXPO 2015 Exhibition in Milan. The base of kitchen operations is a cooking centre which consists of the RM 700 and RM 900 kitchen lines. Both these lines are designed for demanding operations and they are characterised by high durability and reliability. At the same time, they facilitate and speed up the work of the chefs due to their comfortable controls, and they also maintain high quality and nutrition values of the prepared food.

RM Gastro will supply top-of-the-range dishwashers, too. Their technology is unique. A non-standard solution was necessary due to the highly demanding operations. The washing cycle lasts 90 seconds only. One dishwasher is thus able to wash up to 384 half-litre beer glasses a minute.