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Czech Gastronomy at the EXPO Exhibition 02.12.2015

The prestigious Universal Exposition Expo took place in Milan from May to October of this year. Also the Czech Republic, along with another 144 participating countries, took part in this year’s exhibition called “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”. The national pavilion, which was visited by 2.5 mil people, served Czech cuisine. RM Gastro was there.

In competition with 55 original national pavilions, every 8th visitor came to the Czech pavilion. It was recommended by Italian media as one of the five “must see” pavilions. It was awarded a bronze medal for architecture by the expert jury. The public and media chose it as the most relaxed, most child-friendly, with the prettiest roof garden, the second most beautiful at night and with the third best restaurant, just after France and Uruguay.

What was there to see in the pavilion? The Czech Republic was introduced as a country with many traditions in both agriculture and food industries and a world leader in certain specific fields. It presented its experiences in water resources management and results in research applied to the protection of environment, health and food production. The permanent exposition, Laboratory of Silence, evoking the atmosphere of the Czech forest, and Laboratory of Life, showing the results of scientific research in Botany, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry and Pharmaceuticals, were complemented by expositions of partner regions and co-exhibitors.

There were also two restaurants in the pavilion. The self-catering Tankovna Pilsner was located on the ground floor. It offered tank Pilsner beer and traditional Czech cuisine. La Baita del Cacciatore  (The Hunting Cabin) was located on the first floor of the pavilion. The excellent reputation it had received was based on its creative cuisine centered around venison. It was awarded the third best at the EXPO and visitors queued to get in at the weekend. It offered a selection of roe, boar, deer, quail, pheasant and duck meat. The boar with rosehip sauce proved to be the most popular with visitors.

The facilities of the restaurant were provided by the Czech RM Gastro and its products, in cooperation with its business partner AMREX. RM Gastro also used the national pavilion to organize events for its partners. At the end of the exhibition, in the evening on October 24th, thirty-three sales representatives met there. The kitchens were shown, Czech and Italian specialties were prepared and the feast continued long into the night.

If you have missed the EXPO and you would be interested in seeing some its wonders, here’s a tip. The pavilion was dismantled and transferred to Vizovice where it will be used as an exhibition area focusing on historical legacy of Czech participation at the EXPO. The two newest expositions, a kinetic plastic sculpture by Maxim Velčovský and a forest biotope created by CTU students, is going to become a permanent part of the exposition of the National Museum of Agriculture in Letná, Prague.


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